Villa Brémaudières Ile de Ré


What the Papers Say

A children's sailing class near to Villa Brémaudières, Ile de Ré Voir ce site en français > <

Want to know more about Ile de Ré? The newspapers' travel writers can help:


"The chic Parisian's retreat of choice"

The Wall Street Journal


Who needs the French Riviera?

The New York Times


"The True Heart of French Seaside Chic"

New York Times


“If you want to rediscover life's simple pleasures, head for the Ile de Ré”

Condé Nast Traveller


“Heaven on earth: Ile de Ré”

The Telegraph


“Find your way to the Ile de Ré for autumnal loveliness”

The Independent


“Ile de Re the family way: How we had France's favourite island all to ourselves

The Mail


“A tranquil, low-key and oh-so-chic antidote to city life”

The Telegraph


“Guide to Ile de Ré”

Condé Nast Traveller